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The founding member, has extensive experience in the field of risk management and security, providing these services to a number of diverse clients, corporate and industrial. He recognizes the organizations social responsibility and is committed to empowering previously disadvantaged individuals and has taken a strategic decision to honour this commitment. The organizations portfolio of services extends over a wide range of Risk Management competencies.

These include;

  • guarding services
  • dispatch and receiving checkers
  • investigations
  • armed close protection operatives (CPO’s)
  • systems verification reviews, audits
  • industrial relations
  • emergency disaster planning
  • OHASA, etc.

Added to his extensive skills and knowledge base, he has have a well-established network of contacts in the security industry.

These strategic alliances enable the organization to provide a comprehensive management service to clients providing ‘best practice’ total security and risk management solutions. The organization is fully accredited by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) and therefore operates in strict compliance with relevant legislation. All it’s members and employees are registered with PSIRA and subscribe to the security officer’s code of conduct.

Why Choose Us

Our operating philosophy is to partner our clients by developing mutually beneficial and cost effective solutions thereby sharing responsibility for risk prevention and protection initiatives.

At Abavikeli Security Services we recognise that continued customer satisfaction is vital to the success of this business. We therefore listen to our customers and provide services, which are cost effective and suited to their needs.
We aim to provide high value integrated security solutions aimed at enhancing the clients’ ability to control risks. We also recognise that the single biggest resource that this organization has, are its PEOPLE.

To foster long term partnerships with our customers through service excellence. To strive not only to satisfy the needs of our customer, but also to exceed expectations. To empower and continually improve our staff thus ensuring that they are competent and efficient. To create a motivated team who are dedicated to the needs of the company and its clients. To achieve our financial objectives thereby ensuring long term prosperity for the company and its employees.

Our Services

Guarding Services
Dispatch & Receiving Checkers
Armed Close Protection
Industrial Relations
Emergency Disaster Planning
OHASA, etc

Our Services